Photography Assignment: Light

Photography Assignment: Light

I’ve only been stuck inside the house for a few days and I’m already getting a little bored. It’s super easy to get lazy and inactive at a time like this. That’s why I’m going to start posting Photography Assignments (Challenges, Missions or whatever you want to call them.) more frequently. The point is to keep your creative-juices flowing and stay busy by keeping your mind active.

Check out my Quarantined Photographer’s Guide video for more ideas on how to stay busy.

For the quick 3-minute video overview, check out the video below — OR if you enjoy reading, you can keep scrolling 🙂

Photo Assignment: Natural Light


The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to “see” light. Learning how to see light is critical to mastering the art of photography. The more you understand properties of different types of light, the easier it is to control the light in your photographs.

Assignment Details:

Your mission is to take at least 5-10 photos of Light and publish them in our Discord Photography Server. You’re by no means limited to taking only 10 photographs. Personally, I’ve been doing this assignment every day for a week. I’ll take my best 5 shots and publish them.

Just to clarify, this DOES NOT mean taking a photo of a lamp, the sun, a flashlight or a lightbulb. Capture photos of the EFFECTS of light, not the light source itself. Just think of it like the wind — you can’t photograph the wind itself, only the effects like leaves, clouds, waves etc.

Here are some questions to ask yourself during this photo assignment:

  • How does Light and Shadow work together to create the shot?
  • How can I show the subject creatively, in a ‘different light’? (Pun completely intended)
  • Is this a unique angle or view of the subject?
  • Would the average person take this same photograph?

You can check out six photos that I’ve already taken for this assignment below:

Final Thoughts:

I just have a few final words of advice before you get started. 

  • Keep your camera close to you throughout the day. It’s easier than hunting for it when you see some great light.
  • Sunrise and sunset are great times to work on this assignment. 
  • Remember: Effects of light, not light sources unless you can do it in a non-cliche way.
  • Remember that composition is important! Your composition can make or break your photograph. Use it to your advantage.

Now Stay Home and Shoot!

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