Master Manual Photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

Struggling to Learn How to Shoot with Manual Photography Settings?

In this Photography 101 video, we’re tackling Manual Photography Settings. It’s essential for beginner photographers to understand camera settings to truly master photography. Learning how to take better photos includes knowing how your Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO work together with light. It’s all about balance!

10 Neon Portrait Photography Tips

In this Neon Portrait Tips & Tricks video, I’ll be sharing my best techniques and secrets for capturing amazing photographs lit by neon light. Neon signs give off a unique light that makes for stunningly colorful, glowing photos, but that can also make it difficult to control.

10 Run N Gun Photography Tips

In this video, I’m sharing my 10 best run and gun photography tips, tricks and techniques that I use on all my shoots, especially when shooting street photography. As a military photographer, I’ve had to embody “run and gun” photography. I’ve found that when I’m not flying in jets or jumping out of helicopters, Street photography is one of the best ways to continuously practice and get better at capturing peak moments.


RAW or JPEG, which format are you shooting?
In this Raw vs Jpeg guide, I’ll be walking you through the Pros and Cons of shooting either RAW or JPG file formats. With rapidly evolving camera technology, the rules of photography are constantly changing. This includes what file types you should be shooting!

RAW Photo Editing for Beginners: Lightroom CC

Shooting and editing RAW can be intimidating for beginners, so in this editing tutorial, we’ll cover the basics of editing your RAW photographs in Adobe Lightroom CC.
Making basic edits to your images is super simple once you know the tools and what they do. You can follow along in any version of Adobe Lightroom, as the tools will look nearly identical.

Create Dramatic Portraits Using A Single Light

Are you trying to create more Dramatic, Moody Portraits? Only have One Light? In this lighting tutorial, we’ll go over the basics of how to create professional-looking dramatic portraits with only one light.
Creating dynamic, dramatic portraits is not difficult – you can even do it just using the light on your iPhone! Your phone light can create a strong, hard light that’s great for dramatic portraits. These tricks work for both Photo & Video!

9 Tips for Travel Portraits

Tired of taking cliché Travel Pics? In this video, I’ll be sharing my top 9 tips to take your travel portrait photography to the next level. Whether you’re looking to become a full-time traveling photographer or just want to take better travel photos of your friends and family, these tips and tricks will get you started.