Master the HSL Color Tab in Lightroom

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How to learn and perform Color Grading techniques in Lightroom is probably one of the most-asked types of questions I receive. In this Lightroom Color Grading Tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to master the Hue, Saturation, Luminance (HSL) Color Tab in about 5 minutes.

Whether it’s fear or lack of knowledge, this processing tab is quite often over looked by most Lightroom users. HSL has to be my favorite part of LR because of its ability to completely transform your image.

Check out the Before and After side-by-side comparison below.

That’s a huge transformation right? I was able to turn this flat long exposure image of rocks and star trails into what feels like another planet altogether. That is the power of HSL — the ability to add mood and feeling to your photographs.

Check out the short video tutorial below, and you can be transforming your own images into works of art in less than 5 minutes!

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