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RunNGun AeroLux LUT

With rich, deep blues and bright red foliage, AeroLux is one of my favorite presets I’ve ever created. I designed the AeroLux LUT to closely mimic the look of Kodak’s famous but discontinued Infrared film, Aerochrome.

Just because you can’t buy the film anymore doesn’t mean you should miss out on this unique IR look that will make your photographs look 0ut of this world. AeroLux works best on photos with lush, green foliage and cloudy blue skies. Use #aeroluxlut so I can see your edits!

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1 review for AEROLUX LUT

  1. Frank Mullins (verified owner)

    I get to write the first review of AeroLux LUT. To start with, it is easy to install and extremely simple to use. I was anxious to give it a try so I just started looking for images I thought would be appropriate for the conversion. I quickly found over a dozen images that I processed. Some results were better than others. As the directions say, it works best on photos with lush, green foliage and cloudy blue skies. On these kinds of images, the results were truly amazing. I was totally blown away.

    I will continue to look through my digital library to find other good candidates. I will also take time, as I did with some of the other images, to make adjustments – brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc – in the original image so that my starting point is as photographically flawless as possible.

    I never worked with Kodak Aerochrome film, but I have seen plenty of these images from the past. I believe this LUT really creates results that approximate what that film produced. If this is your goal, AeroLux LUT is highly recommended.

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