Thank You 10,000

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First of all, Thank You…

I’m truly humbled and grateful. I can hardly believe this little channel ever made it to 10,000 subscribers. I wanted to take just a moment to let you all know how much I appreciate everyone’s overwhelming support over the last three and a half years. 

I created a short ‘thank you’ video to look back at the journey up until this point. I hope it means as much to you as it does to me…

A Long Road

The journey has not been quick or painless by any means. Any success has its fair share of trolls and haters; a Youtube channel is no different. 3.5 years of trying to shoot, edit and publish a video every weekend isn’t a cake-walk. 

BUT, all that being said, the amount of new friends I’ve made, adventures we’ve shared and all I’ve learned — I’d absolutely do it all over again

10000 Subscribers Runngun photography adventure blog post Adirondack mountains

Answering some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s it like having 10,000 Subscribers?

A: Honestly, a lot like having 1,000, 100 or 1. I put in the same amount of work into each tutorial or video production, no matter how many viewers I think it will reach. I try to develop my storytelling ability with each video or photo I make.

Q: What camera should I buy?

A: I can’t tell you how many times I get this question, no matter what the forum is.  If you’re looking for a guide to get you started, be sure to check out my 2020 Camera Buying Guide for Beginners.

Q: What changes will the future bring?

A: Nothing drastic will change over night. We’re still at the beginning of a long journey and I’m just excited to see where it leads. I haven’t suddenly received huge brand deals, although I do occasionally work with smaller companies. In the future, I’d love to be a brand ambassador for Nikon. I’d love to start my own production studio in the near future, but we’ll just have to wait to see what happens!

10000 Subscribers Runngun photography adventure blog post

As I said before, no one knows what the future will bring, but I am always optimistic and eager to accept new opportunities. Although this is a huge personal milestone, the journey is just beginning. The channel is still quite small and I try to stay a humble creator.

As my parting words I’d like to again say Thank you. All of you. Even if it’s your first time visiting the site or reading the Blog.  I appreciate you. Now get out, and go shoot!