Beginner’s Guide to Neon Photography

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Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Neon Photography: Top 5 Neon Photo Tips 

If you’re looking to add some neon excitement to your photography, these glowing lights can add a unique, eye-catching element to your photos. However, they can also be a bit tricky to work with. Here’s my beginner’s guide to neon photography are some creative tips for capturing those nostalgic lights!

Neon Portrait Photography Tips Tricks Run N Gun

Neon Photography Tip #1

Embrace the darkness: One of the coolest things about neon lights is the way they glow and flicker in the darkness. Don’t be afraid to embrace the darkness and shoot in low-light conditions. When in doubt, be sure to use a tripod or lean against a wall, slowing your shutter speed to properly expose your shot. It’s always better to properly expose your photo in-camera over bringing up your exposure later while editing.

Broadway St. Nashville Bar Neon Signs

Neon Photography Tip #2

Get colorful: Neon lights come in a plethora of colors, each producing a different mood in your neon photos. Experiment with different hues and see how they change the mood and atmosphere of your shots. 

Run N Gun Pro Tip: Be careful with yellow and white neon signs. They can make white balance with skin tones tricky, so I tend to avoid them altogether.

Neon Portrait Photography Tips Tricks Run N Gun 3

Neon Photography Tip #3

Use reflections: Neon lights can create some beautiful reflections when shot at the right angle. Try shooting through a window or using a reflective surface (such as a puddle on a rainy night, or a mirror) to add a new level of visual interest to your shots.

Slow Shutter Speed Panning shot of car with neon lights in Denver, Colorado

Neon Photography Tip #4

Experiment with motion: Shooting neon lights in motion can add that extra element of liveliness to your photographs. Try panning your camera in combination with using a slower shutter speed to capture the motion with the neon lights  as your backdrop.

Rainy Night Neon Flag Reflection in Times Square NYC

Neon Photography Tip #5

Get creative with composition: The placement of neon lights in your frame can greatly affect the overall composition of your photograph. Before pressing the shutter button, ask yourself: Are the neons the subject, or do they play a supporting role? Play around with different angles and focal lengths to find the most fascinating composition.

As always, remember to try to capture what you feel, not what you see.

Ellie Neon Portrait Close Up with Neon Overlay. Photoshoot Collaboration with Run N Gun Photography.

Beginner’s Guide to Neon Photography Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this neon photography guide! If you take these tips to heart, and think before you shoot, I promise you’ll make some truly stunning neon photos.

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Until next time, get out and go shoot!


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