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Stuck at Home? Want to get creative? I’ll be sharing with you my top 10 Macro Photography Ideas you can shoot without having to leave your home! You’ll really appreciate these this winter.

Macro photography is defined as the extreme close up photography of objects. Shooting macro will literally open your mind to an entirely new world of creative photography. 

10 Creative Macro Photography Ideas

macro succulent photography plant creative photo ideas

1. Plants and Leaves

Plants are probably my favorite macro photography subject. A quick tip for creating stunning macro photos of leaves, is to use a backlight, whether it’s your phone, the sun or a flashlight. Sometimes just a plant in a window is a the perfect “studio” setting.

2. Glass

The key to macro shots of glass is lighting. Try experimenting with colored gels to add contrast to your creative macro shots. For a cleaner look, try a solid colored background.

3. Water Droplets

Water droplet photography is another favorite of mine. In this particular example, I used a thin sheet of glass, which I backlit with a neon sign.

Watch Jewelry Macro Photography ideas photos run and gun

4. Watches & Jewelry

Macro photography of jewelry and watches are a great way to practice your product photography. Shiny, reflective objects require careful lighting to avoid overexposed “hot spots” on your subjects.

Ice Macro Photography Creative Ideas run and gun photo

5. Ice

The key to shooting Ice, like most translucent objects, is backlighting. Shoot a cooler Kelvin white balance temperature for a nice cold looking macro shot.

6. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are usually complex subjects, especially electric guitars. Quick macro tip: Don’t forget to clean the subject before shooting! It’ll help avoid unwanted smudges, dirt and dust.

Neon Light Macro Photography Creative Ideas run and gun photos

7. Lights

Lights! We all think of light and photography going hand in hand — but we don’t always think of literal photos of lights. Incandescent light bulbs provide great subjects for creative macro photographs.

8. Wood Grain

Wood grain texture is another pretty easy macro subject. Because every piece is different, you can never really take the same macro photo of wood twice. Remember to avoid harsh angles to avoid losing your textures to shallow depth of field.

9. Mechanical Parts

This is another idea, where you’re only limited by your imagination. Just like jewelry, metal mechanical pieces are usually shiny or reflective. Get creative with your lighting to make some unique macro scenes.

Car Vehicle Creative Macro Photography Ideas run and gun photos

10. Cars

Car detail shots are a lot of fun. Vehicles contain a lot of the above mentioned subjects like lights and mechanical parts. Cars also have elegant curves and colorful paint that can be accentuated with the right light.

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