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Nikon Z6iii: Best Camera of 2024?

The Z6 III is a much anticipated upgrade in Nikon’s Z6 line, promising quite powerful specs. I’ll share what I know, and what I expect from the newest in the mirrorless Z line and why I’m excited for it. According to many sources, the third iteration of the Z 6 should be announced in the first Quarter of 2024. In other words, any day now.

Nikon Z6 III Rumored Specs

Rumored specs for the Z6iii have been swirling around the web for a couple of months now. However, I’ve tried to hold out on forming an opinion too early. But now, from what I’ve seen this is looking to be my new favorite hybrid camera body. So, here are the specs, I’ll share my person thoughts down below.

  • 24.5 Megapixel, BSI Sensor
  • EXPEED 7 Processor (Z8)
  • ISO 100-64,000
  • Subject detection AF (Z8)
  • IBIS
  • Video Recording: 6K24, 30 and 4K120p 
  • Internal N-Log recording 
  • CF-Express & SD card
  • Ergonomics of the Z8, but size of the Z6

The Z6 iii is looking to stir up the market in 2024, with some very capable photo and video specs, in a compact package. My guess is that the ISO range will be at least go to 100,000. Also, the price will likely be about $2,500 USD. With the spec rumors and inflation I think that’s fair considering the Nikon Z6 (Version 1) was released in 2018 for $2,000 USD.

Nikon Z8 Studio Photo
My Nikon Z8, rumored inspiration for the Nikon Z6iii camera body. (Run N Gun Photography)

My Nikon Z6 III Opinion

So, we have a good idea of the latest rumored specs for the Z6iii. I believe the 24.5 MP sensor (same size as the Z6 and Z6ii) sits in a sweet-spot — not too big or too small. Some have hoped for a larger 30-36 MP sensor. However, with more pixels, comes a much higher price. What excites me is seeing how many features the proposed Nikon Z6 III is borrowing from the Nikon Z8.

I’ve been using the Z8 for a few weeks now and I’m really blown away by this camera. The autofocus is wicked FAST! The EXPEED 7 processor allows for amazing frame rates. Additionally, the internal N-LOG video recording is a must-have feature.

The idea of the Z6III borrowing many of these features from its “big brother,” the Z8, has me quite excited! This is why I’m predicting that the newest Z6 could be the best camera in 2024. And, at a price point of $2,400-2,600 (my estimation), it will make an affordable hybrid photo & video camera for many creators.

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Conclusion: Nikon Z6 III Specs and Rumors

Based on rumors, the Nikon Z6 III is looking to be the creator’s best friend in 2024! It has some spectacular photo stats, borrowed from it’s big-brother, the Z8. Furthermore, the video specs are impressive and everything I could ever want for producing short films, travel highlight reels and music videos. If anything, it’s my most anticipated camera body of this year. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Z6 III!

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